Saving Places


Saving Places is a television series about saving Canada’s heritage - one building at a time. Each episode documents the hands-on restoration of a desperately endangered but historically meaningful building – a building that tells a story about important people and events in our collective past. Restoration means repairing and renewing an old building, taking it back to its glory days. It aims for as much historical authenticity as possible, using the materials, designs and craftsmanship of a bygone era. Restoration work takes a special kind of tradesperson, skilled in methods that are foreign to most modern building construction, forgotten by generations. But it also takes a special kind of character to recognize and care for work done by the toil of those no longer with us. These are classic artisans, capturing the spirit, values and beauty of our ancestors through the buildings they’ve left behind.


3 x 60 minutes


Director: Gail Gallant
Writer: Gail Gallant
Hosts: Angus Skeene, Christopher Borgal, Daniel Beeston
Directors of Photography: Todd Craddock, Max Lindenthaler, Nigel Markham, Ken Ng
Editors: Trevor Aikman, Carole Larsen
Composer: Greg Johnston



"Reality TV takes a historical turn."

Randy Boswell, Canwest News Service

"Splicing elements of history, documentary and home makeover, this series details the loving restoration of venerable Canadian landmarks."

Critics' Picks, Globe and Mail